Tampa #1 Market for First Time Home Buyers

For first time home buyers, the decision of where to buy can be an overwhelming one. Zillow has done some research to help guide those decisions. For First time-buyers in the United States looking for an affordable home with good resale value and high inventory, Florida is looking like an ideal location. In their analysis ( 2018 Top Cities For First Time Home Buyers ) , Zillow gives Tampa the # 1 spot on their list; with Orlando on their heels in 4th place. Texas also had 3 cities on this comprehensive list.

Tampa Pic

The zillow analysis indicates that the population growth in sunny Tampa, is only 1.9%. Another one of the bench marks that they use to rate these cities is the Breakeven Horizon. This is for the local buy-rent housing and it says that markets with a shorter breakeven horizon shows that there is a greater chance that locals will buy instead of rent, due to financial incentives.

Following Tampa in order the list named:

  1. Indianapolis
  2. Houston
  3. Orlando
  4. San Antonio

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